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Appointment Instructions

 For at least 3 days prior no alcohol and limited caffeine. Before appointment make sure to fast for 2 hours, and drink at least a liter of water. Dress comfortably in loose & stretchy clothing. At the beginning and end of our session, I will be measuring the section to compare results. All sessions come with Lymphatic massage modalities. Each session is individually tailored to meet the client’s personal needs. Please arrive on time, after 10 minutes your appointment is canceled. If you can’t make your appointment please notify at least 24 hours in advance. After the first session you will see a difference in your appearance, although just as if you are working out the more consistency the better the results.

Pre- & Post- Service Reccomendations


* Avoid eating 2 hours prior to service.

* Remove any piercings in  areas of the sections.

* Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine 72 hours prior to service.
Wear comfortable, loose

fitting clothing that will help facilitate the service

* Limit alcohol and caffeine After throughout the entire service process.

* Reschedule if on menstrl cycle!

* Drink plenty of water at least 8 ounces of water per day (2 liters).


Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours.

* Avoid alcohol and caffeine

for 72 hours.

* Engage in a half-hour of

light exercise such as

walking within 6 hours.

Avoid heavy meals on

day of service.

Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

* Avoid sodium and sugar for

4 hours after service.

* Avoid fasting or the body

will go into "starvation mode" and become more resistant to the release of stored fat.

Possible Side Effects & Solutions

Side Effects

Increase in Urination

* Dehydration

* Headache (dehydration symptom)

* Mild Diarrhea

* Increase In Bowel Movements * Bruising (Sensitive Skin)

* Redness or Irritation

* Soreness (similar to post workout)


* Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

* Avoid caffeine that can make you become dehydrated.

* Avoid sodium that can cause water retention and bloating.

* Avoid alcohol, as it is a toxin.

* Avoid heavy meals on service days.

* Use ice packs to reduce any swelling, stiffness, and bruising.


  • All services and bundles require a $25 deposit, that will go toward the purchase.

  • The appointment is booked once the deposit is made.

  • Please cancel at least 24 hours in advance

  • A late fee of $20 will apply if you arrive 15 mins late to your appointment.

  • Any later than 15 mins will result in appointment cancellation

  • Same day cancellation will result in losing deposit.

  • Sessions by appointment onlly no walk-ins 

  • Contact to see if any available appointments day of

  • Please be advised you are allowed one reschedule to refrain from losing a session from your package

  • All sales are final 

Thank you for your consideration!​

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